SRH board minutes 14 December 2023

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5. Chief Executive’s Executive Summary

The CEO presented this paper highlighting the key issues. The Board discussed the [Redacted] The Board noted that the [Redacted] has been commissioned to provide analysis on the wider economic benefits of the Caledonian Sleeper service.

The Financial Controller confirmed that an exercise was ongoing to review [Redacted] following the Caledonian Sleeper transfer to public ownership, noting that CSL is in its first year and has no comparisons to make. The findings will be made available to the Board in due course.


The Board discussed SRT’s fleet performance and progress on specific issues, noting that fleet improvement plans are to be presented to the SRT Board in January. There was further discussion regarding the data provided to TS in respect of fleet performance.



  • SRH and TS to agree required content of daily performance reports to TS (JM/BR).

6. ScotRail Holdings Limited, ScotRail Trains Limited and Caledonian Sleeper Limited Operational & Performance Update

The Rail Director presented this paper and the Board discussed additional information that should be incorporated, noting that more focus on performance review is required, to include the impact of actions taken and relevant timeframes.

The Board discussed SRH’s structure, noting that defining structure, roles and responsibilities across the group is key and that SRH should logically implement the
recommendations in Audit Scotland’s report.


  • Chair and JM to discuss the format and content of the operational and performance update report.
  • Chair and BB to discuss Audit Scotland’s recommendations in more detail.

7. SRT Monthly Communications Report

The Board noted this paper.

8. Minutes from previous meeting (16 November 2023)

Minutes from 16 November 2023 to be reviewed at next meeting.

9. Actions and matters arising from previous meeting (16 November 2023)

Actions from 16 November 2023 meeting to be reviewed at next meeting.

11. Any other business

A policy compendium matter was raised and it was agreed that JM and BR should separately discuss.

12. Board lookahead

The Chair noted some additional items to be added to the lookahead.

Date of next meeting: Thursday 11th January 2024 at St Vincant Plaza, St Vincent Street, Glasgow.

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