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SRH will ensure that our rail services are reliable, affordable, accessible, and sustainable.

The task ahead

Our role is to ensure that the necessary arrangements are put in place to mobilise a wholly-owned new company of the Scottish Government which will be named Scottish Rail Holdings Limited.

Our purpose is to ensure that SRT and CSL connect people and places to help make Scotland a great place to live, work and visit.  Our stewardship of both SRT and CSL is to ensure that we enable Scotland to have the best possible passenger rail services.

The arrangement between SRH and Scottish Ministers are set out in the Framework Agreement.  The Framework Agreement is a legally binding contract that places obligations on both SRH and the Scottish Government.

SRH is working with the management and employees of SRT and CSL.  We will work with both companies to:

  • Ensure passengers experience value for money on a world-class service
  • Provide high quality services for all guests, and further improve guest satisfaction
  • deliver value to passengers
  • Maintain high levels of patronage and grow revenues
  • drive socio-economic benefit across the wider Scottish economy
  • provide excellent customer service
  • remain financially and environmentally sustainable.

The Grant Agreement

The Grant Agreement sets out the basis on which ScotRail Trains (SRT) will be contracted to operate ScotRail passenger rail services, and sets out the roles and responsibilities of the parties in delivering passenger rail services.

View the Grant Agreement

You can view the Framework Agreement here – The ScotRail Franchise and its Effect (transport.gov.scot) – that’s the agreement between Scottish Ministers and Scottish Rail Holdings Limited (SRH) – which sets out the broad framework within which SRH and its subsidiaries will operate.


SRH is a supportive place to work, filled with great people, where you can start or further develop your career.

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