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Meet the SRH Board

Scottish Rail Holdings Ltd

Since 1st April 2022, ScotRail services have been provided within the public sector by an arm’s length company owned and controlled by the Scottish Government. This holding company is Scottish Rail Holdings Limited (SRH).

Scottish Rail Holdings is an organisation controlled by Scottish Ministers that has been set up with the express purpose of overseeing the governance of train operating companies under Section 30 of the Railways Act 1993.

We act as the “owning group” of the operating company and provide separation between Transport Scotland as strategic policymakers and the direct management of train service delivery for ScotRail Trains (SRT).

Meet the SRH Board

A number of roles have been created at Board level including a Chief Executive Officer, Finance Director, and a Rail Business Director.

Graeme Cook is the Acting Chief Executive Officer of SRH.

Graeme and his management team lead a small secretariat at SRH that is being established.

  • Richard Cairns


    Richard is Chair of the SRH Board, with overall responsibility to provide strategic leadership, direction, support, and guidance. He ensures that the Board delivers its functions correctly, in accordance with the aims, policies and priorities of the Scottish Ministers.

  • Graeme Cook

    Interim Chief Executive Officer

    Graeme’s last post was Head of Procurement Services in the Scottish Government. His teams developed commercial and procurement strategies for the Scottish Government, providing strategic commercial advice to major programs across government.

    Graeme’s led work to design and review the governance and assurance of critical public services delivered by private, third, and public sector organisations. He joined the Scottish Government in 2007 to help set-up national collaborative contracts and has fulfilled various commercial roles. Before joining the government he worked in the NHS, forestry, and in scientific research.

  • John MacQuarrie

    Rail Business Director

    John is the overall custodian of all Grant Agreements and Framework Agreements that are in place with TS and subsidiary companies. He will ensure that SRH manages the subsidiary operations to deliver on their Grant Agreement obligations and responsibilities including optimising value for money, along with providing specialist guidance as required to the teams within the subsidiary. John will also ensure that SRH complies with its obligations under the Framework Agreement with Transport Scotland. John is a Statutory Director of SRH.

  • Roz Foyer

    Non-Executive Director

    Roz brings an independent voice to ensure the Board is as effective as possible, with healthy challenge as appropriate. Roz provides an external and independent view on the running of the business, governance and best boardroom practice.

  • Brian Baverstock

    Non-Executive Director

    Brian is an independent member of the Board and Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee. He is a qualified accountant with a successful track record in driving strategic change and delivering improved services through partnership and collaborative working. He is also an independent consultant, specialising in governance and risk management.

  • Dr Carolyn Griffiths

    Non-Executive Director

    Carolyn is a senior rail professional with extensive experience spanning from shop floor technician to Board Director. She has established new rail organisations and managed major projects in the UK and overseas. She has worked in rail engineering operations, manufacturing and economic regulation.  Carolyn founded, and was the first Chief Inspector of, the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB), establishing professional investigation standards and training; and led the RAIB for its first 10 years of its operations during which time they completed and published 250 investigations.

    She is an NED for ScotRail Trains Ltd and Caledonian Sleeper Ltd and chairs the SHE Committees for both companies and has previously worked as an NED for Irish Rail and AES Engineering.

Senior team pay details
Name Job title Annual salary (£)
Graeme Cook* Chief Executive Officer 85,000 - 90,000
John MacQuarrie Rail Business Director 95,000 - 100,000

SRH Board Committees

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