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08 February 2024

SRH board minutes 8 February 2024

SRH Board Minutes 8 February 2024.pdf

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St. Vincent Plaza / Microsoft Teams*


Richard Cairns (RC) – Chair
Brian Baverstock (BB) – Non-Executive Director
Roz Foyer (RF) – Non-Executive Director
Carolyn Griffiths (CG) – Non-Executive Director *
Emma Dixon (ED) – General Counsel and Company Secretary
David Lowrie (DL) – Chief Executive
John MacQuarrie (JM) – Rail Business Director

In attendance:

Bill Reeve (BR) – Transport Scotland Sponsor Representative
Campbell Davidson (CD), SRH Financial Controller
Kathryn Darbandi (KD) – CSL Managing Director (items 3 & 4)
Sam Price (SP) – CSL General Counsel (item 4)
Jon Newton (JN) – SRH Head of New Fleet (items 8 and 9)
[Redacted] (Minute taker)



1. Welcome – Notice, Apologies & Quorum

Noted and quorate.

2. Declarations of interests and conflicts

No new interests or conflicts noted

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