SRH board minutes 4 April 2024

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3. SRH Group 2024-25 Budget Paper: for approval

Campbell Davidson presented this paper which summarises and seeks approval of the SRH Group 2024/25 budget, subject to receipt of SRH’s 2024/25 Group budget allocation letter from the Sponsor confirming SRH’s approved Scottish Government funding envelopes. SRH anticipates receiving the budget allocation letter w/c 8th April.

The paper includes [Redacted] and a summary of the Group’s budgeted net expenditure split by each component entity. [Redacted]



Brian Baverstock indicated that this would be considered at ARC to consider these risks in more detail. This would allow us to understand how the entities are managing these risks. Logically this would then feed back into risk management.


The Board approved the budget.

4. [Redacted]

Richard Cairns also updated the Board on Alex Hynes, MD of Scotland’s Railway leaving and the arrangements put in place to cover his departure. There is a desire that the arrangements aim to make the Scotland’s Railway Alliance a more formal arrangement. TS/SRH and NR would work on this structure over the next few months. Richard indicated that most work would occur in workshops. Chair will keep the Board fully appraised.

The Board noted the update.

5. Strategic Plan (interim and longer-term) verbal update

John MacQuarrie gave an update in the interim plan – including feedback from all parties, he will compile these and update it next week.

The Board agreed to convene on 2 May for an SRH board Strategy Day and John MacQuarrie would organize a facilitator to help on the day.



  • Feedback on interim plan to be circulated to Board
  • Organize 2nd May as an SRH Board Strategy Day with facilitator.

The board noted this paper.

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